I have worked with Yng People for over 25 years, in schools, and various educational settings as a Learning Mentor-School Counsellor-Head of Year-Supporting Yng People to develop skills to prepare for the future; emotionally and academically, whilst advising them on career options and choices.


The Beginning of Our Journey 2021

Things have become increasingly hard for Yng people since the Covid Pandemic, where support services were stretched and limited. Yng Mentoring Services Ltd was created as a support hub for Yng People ranging from primary age to adulthood and we offer a range of services.

The Journey is Getting Bigger 2023

Yng Mentoring Services have developed a program that fits in with the current environment that Yng people are in. At this moment in time they are reaching out for services that they can relate to and trust.

Empowering Reciprocal Relationships

I seek to help people with both their vulnerabilities and strengths. Most of all, I see my relationship with others as reciprocal. Even though I identify as a mentor and I enjoy teaching, I also gain valuable advice and experience from deepens my relationship with others.

Mentor: Empowering & Mindful

I find that in my life and daily interactions, I am becoming the Mentor/ Counsellor I wish to be simply by being focused, non-judgmental and mindful of how each person and situation is unique.

Mentorship for Positive Change Contact Now

Every experience is a moving force towards change for
our yng mentees. They will experience growth through
mentorship, building positive relations with people
that they come into contact with.