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Meet our team of dedicated support workers will ensure that every individual reaches their full potential; leaves with a feel good factor and is empowered to make clear conscious decisions as a result of mentorship through Yng Mentoring Services.

Chris Reid

Coach & Mentor

Colin Walker

Coach & Mentor

Peter Walker

Counsellor & Mentor

Lois Stewart

Coach & Mentor

Julia Auld

Project Manager

How Can We Help You

One of the main benefits of our mentoring service is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to learn from the experiences and wisdom of other individuals that will be mentoring them. YNG mentoring service in partnership with Resi care will be helpful for those who are seeking to improve their communication skills, build self-confidence, or develop a new outlook on life,


Mentoring 1-1

Mentoring 1-1 - Our personalized mentoring service offers a transformative one-on-one experience...


Building Confidence

Our empowering program designed to help individuals cultivate self-assurance and belief in their abilities...


Person centred Therapy

A compassionate and empathetic approach that places the individual at the heart of the therapeutic process...


Guidance and support

Our dedicated service offering expert advice and unwavering encouragement...

Mentorship for Positive Change Contact Now

Every experience is a moving force towards change for
our yng mentees. They will experience growth through
mentorship, building positive relations with people
that they come into contact with.