Gang intervention

Is Gang Intervention Right for You?

If you are an individual seeking support to leave behind gang involvement or a family member looking for guidance, our intervention program can provide the resources and mentorship needed to embrace a more positive path in life. Additionally, community organizations and agencies working to address gang-related issues can collaborate with us to create a collective impact.

Our Dedication to Breaking the Grip of Gangs

At YNG Mentoring Services, we are committed to breaking the grip of gangs on the lives of young individuals in our communities. Our Gang Intervention program focuses on providing support, mentorship, and resources to empower youth to choose a different, more positive path in life.

Building Resilience and Empathy

Our intervention approach goes beyond addressing the symptoms of gang involvement; we work towards addressing the root causes, including the lack of positive role models, economic hardships, and a sense of belonging. By providing mentorship and support, we aim to build resilience and foster empathy among at-risk youth.

Creating Alternative Opportunities

We believe that offering alternative opportunities is crucial in steering young individuals away from the influence of gangs. Our aim is to collaborate with community partners, educational institutions and employers to create pathways for education, vocational training and employment opportunities.